Girls Education

Higher Education for Girls in Solukhumbu District-Everest Region-Nepal

In many parts of remote Nepal, it is uncommon for girls to continue  after grade 10th education which is considered standard graduation of beginning of education system develop but now situation is changed, by the technology we are globalized, the requirement of education standard increased but still mostly only upto grade 10th education possible in the community which is not enough  education to take leadership or to grape any other opportunity so, they go back to family, look after farm, having number of children and spent life in same way who never been to school. Therefore, we have initiated higher education for girls who can not reach for higher education with believing girls who achieve higher education can maximize their potential to fulfill leadership roles within their communities and transform the societies in which they live.

Education for girls brings well demonstrated benefits for them and related benefits for the whole society. Girls with higher levels of education marry later, have smaller families, survive childbirth at higher rates, experience reduced incidences of HIV/AIDS, earn more, and contribute to higher rates for family & community .

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